Canon and Apple Top Flickr’s List of Most Popular Cameras for 2014

Flickr has published numbers which detail the most popular cameras for 2014. The photo sharing service has found that Canon and Apple have come out on top of the list.

Canon’s line of DSLRs and point-and-shoot cameras have come out on top as the most popular choice for Flickr users. Of course, Apple doesn’t make cameras but the iPhone has continued to be a hugely popular device for those who want to take pictures while on the go.

iphone6plus_camera_2In first place, Canon camera were responsible for 13.4 percent of photos uploaded to Flickr in 2014. In second place, Apple’s iPhone was responsible for 9.6 percent and in third place Nikon was responsible for 9.3 percent. Fourth and fifth place were taken by Samsung and Sony, with 5.6 percent and 4.2 percent respectively.

Here is a comparison of the top cameras used on Flickr in 2013 versus 2014:


Here is a comparison of the top mobile cameras used on Flickr in 2013 versus 2014:


Mobile photography has grown dramatically in the past several years. One of the reasons for this is that most people have a smartphone with them at all times, making it the easiest and most accessible device to use when you want to capture a moment. What do you use as your daily camera? Has your mobile device replaced your point-and-shoot (or even DSLR) camera? Let us know in the comments below.

[via TNW]