‘Facebook at Work’ iOS App Set to Launch Today, Aimed at Offices

Back in November it was reported Facebook was testing a new projected called ‘Facebook at Work’, aimed at becoming a viable office collaboration tool to rival Google Drive and Microsoft Office.

Now it appears Facebook is ready to launch their new app (developed in London and still in early stages), which according to the Wall Street Journal, will be available in App Stores today only to a handful of test companies.

Facebook At Work looks and feels similar to Facebook’s familiar social network service, with a few key differences. There are no advertisements and the company doesn’t track users or hold their data.

Facebook says a key feature of the app is Groups, which the company believes could replace email lists that appear never-ending and seem to grow larger with time.

Facebook at work

Facebook at Work looks to gain traction because of its familiarity with users. Lars Rasmussen, Facebook’s engineering director who worked on the project, told the WSJ “We’ve been using Facebook for work for many years now internally, and we’ve gained a lot of insight into how people can collaborate more efficiently.”

According to Re/code, personal Facebook accounts can be linked to Work accounts with the same login and can be toggled back and forth within the browser.

There’s no word on when Facebook at Work will launch to the public, as the app appears to still be in beta testing stages, but now is currently expanding to more test companies.