How to Set iPhone Speakerphone as Default for Incoming Calls

In certain scenarios, it’s better to use the iPhone’s speaker to answer a call. I’m thinking of scenarios like a businessmanperson answering calls all day and not wanting to hold the device to his/her ear but to use the speaker instead — especially if said worker bee was in their own office (via OSX Daily).

Or you may have a technical issue with your iPhone’s earpiece, so you either need to use the earbuds you got in the package or a Bluetooth headset, or you can just use the device’s speaker.

The default setting of the device plays the voice call through the earpiece, so you need to tap the speaker button to activate it. However, you can reverse that and route all calls to your iPhone’s speaker by default. Here is how you can do it in three easy steps:

1. First, launch the Settings app, tap “General,” and search for “Accessibility.”


2. Tap on it and locate the “Call Audio Routing” tab in the “Interaction” field.

3. Change the default setting of “Automatic” to “Speaker.”

Call audio routing
That’s it.

From that moment on, the answered incoming calls will be routed to your iPhone’s speaker. This setting applies to FaceTime audio calls as well. Enjoy!

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