RCMP Recovers Missing iPhone on the Sunshine Coast With Help of App and Pub Goers


The RCMP recovered a missing iPhone on the Sunshine Coast with the help of an app and a group of pub goers.

Gillian Kydd was at an annual pub night at Gilligan’s Pub (in Sechelt) where she lost her iPhone that was packed in her bag.

“I was working on the silent auction, having put my little backpack that I use as a purse carefully away and an hour later, boom, it had gone.”

Luckily, Kydd had the Find My iPhone app installed on her phone. After she noticed her smartphone was missing, she ran home and used her iPad to locate the missing phone. The iPhone icon appeared and it was only three blocks away. An employee at the pub called the police to assist in recovering the lost device.

“The RCMP officer, she’s talking on her walkie-talkie to her buddy out there, and she’s saying, ‘Now it’s getting to Norwest Bay Road.’ It was closer and closer, and he says, ‘It’s a bus!’”

The RCMP pulled over the bus and located the backpack with the missing iPhone. According to the report, a regular at the pub took the bag by accident and left it at the bus stop. A passenger taking the bus located the bag and gave it to the bus driver for safe keeping.

Stories, such as the one above, serve as an important reminder to turn on the Find My iPhone feature on your own device. If Kydd never installed the app, she probably would have never recovered her phone. It is important to note that if you find yourself in a situation like this, please do not try and recover the device yourself. Contact your local authorities and they will assist in getting the device back in a safe manner.

[via CBC]