Taking Better Small Product Photos With Your iPhone’s Camera


Jack Hollingsworth, an award-winning commercial photographer, has published a guide designed for those who want to learn how to take small product photos with their iPhone’s camera. The latest instalment is targeted at entrepreneurs who sell small products online using services like Ebay or Craigslist.

The first important tip to remember when you are taking a photograph of a product that you’re planning to sell online is that the picture is worth 1000 words. The photo attached to the product being sold will definitely influence buying decisions.

“A (properly exposed, properly focused, properly white-balanced, property composed) picture is worth 1000 words.”


The next factor to take into consideration is the location in which to shoot small product photography. The two choices are shooting indoors or outdoors. Depending on the time of the year Hollingsworth makes a slightly different recommendation.

“If you are shooting indoors, then look for windows that are either north or south facing. This will insure that you get that beautiful, soft, indirect, light. When you shoot indoors, you’re going to need a lot of light. Find the brightest room and set up a ‘make shift’ table right in front of or just next to the window.

During the more temperate time of the year, wait for an overcast day and shoot outdoors on a patio or deck. It will offer you a well-lit area for shooting small products.“


Other things that you will need to take into consideration are lighting, the angle of the photograph, the lens and field of view, using manual controls, and your own styling and personal taste.

YouTube video

Whether you are an avid photographer or you just like to take photos, be sure to read Hollingsworth’s entire post (the site is from Tap Tap Tap, the creators of Camera+ for iOS) and find out how you can use your iPhone’s camera to take amazing photographs of small products.

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