Sending Messages With Apple Watch “Like Magic”: Christy Turlington-Burns [Week 5]

Another week has passed, and Apple Watch spokesperson Christy Turlington-Burns has again updated her Apple-sponsored blog, sharing just how the Apple Watch is preparing her for the upcoming London Marathon (just 17 days to go), and how Apple’s new wearable is fitting into her everyday life.

With the Apple Watch review embargo lifting this morning (read our review roundup here), Christy’s latest update doesn’t reveal any surprising new features, but it’s certainly nice to read about the various ways that a non-tech oriented individual can fit the Apple Watch into their life:

I love getting taps and reminders about meetings coming up during the day. It gives me more headspace for work when I know I’m not going to miss anything. Now I can leave my iPhone at my desk and roam the office without worrying about missing a call. I’ll just answer from my wrist, and if it’s more than a quick chat, I pick up my phone and continue the discussion. And Siri makes it so easy to do all sorts of things. I really feel like I’m getting more done.

Christy also notes that “All I have to say is “Hey Siri” to send my kids a message. It’s like magic.” This is a feature I can definitely see myself using a lot. The most interesting tidbit (for me) in her latest blog, however, is when she talks about returning home from a walk with her children:

By the time I got back, I had just about closed my Move ring. I’d burned 380 active calories, but I still needed a little more to hit my goal. So I grabbed the dog and went back out for a walk, and that did it. Boom, ring closed.

This certainly fits with Wired’s design conversation with Apple’s Human-Interface Chief Alan Dye, who said that in regards to the fitness rings, the design team wanted users to very quickly be able to “understand that information, and easily assess where they’re at in their day, and hopefully in a really simple and visceral way feel like they accomplished something when they fill them up.” In the article, author David Pierce notes that the three circles design came to be “because there’s just something about a not-quite-complete circle that drives you just crazy enough to take those last 400 steps,” which definitely sounds like it rings true with Christy.

You can read Christy’s full blog post here, and be sure to let us know if you’re planning to pre-order an Apple Watch this Friday!


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