Yahoo Apple Watch Apps Arrive for New Digest, Sports Fantasy, Weather [PICS]

Yahoo has announced this morning Apple Watch support for its News Digest App, Sports Fantasy App, Weather App and News Hong Kong App.

The Yahoo News Digest app is one of our favourite apps and now it’s on Apple Watch. You’ll be able to get micro summaries on your wearable that “visually inform you” and also a new speed reading feature. The app will also delivery hourly bulletins Monday to Friday only and also breaking news alerts.

Yahoo says this “experience is only available in the U.S.,” so we’ll have to wait and see if it arrives here.

Screenshot 2015 04 16 09 27 20 Screenshot 2015 04 16 09 27 29

The Sports Fantasy app will bring you glances so you can keep track of your virtual team, while also “talk smack” using Siri dictation:

Screenshot 2015 04 16 09 27 47 Screenshot 2015 04 16 09 27 56

Meanwhile, Yahoo Weather on Apple Watch will introduce a new “feels like” feature so you will know exactly what to wear:

Screenshot 2015 04 16 09 28 18 Screenshot 2015 04 16 09 35 44

While I’m stoked for my Apple Watch to arrive, seeing how developers are enabling simple watch apps is equally as exciting. You can check out the Canadian Apple Watch apps Apple is featuring on its website here.