Apple Watch Guide: How To Use Messages

While sending your heartbeat to someone may seem a little to personal, sending them a cute little sketch or a fun emoji can be a lot of fun. It’s all part of the Messages app with the Apple Watch. Apple touts it as a new kind of conversation.

Of course to use some of these cool new messaging features you need to know someone else with an Apple Watch. If you do, a great way to keep track of them is to add them to your friends inner circle. To access it, simply push the button on the side of the watch. This shows you up to 12 contacts.

When you’re ready to contact someone, you have a few choices. You can either call them, send them a normal text or voice memo, or, if they have an Apple Watch you can send them a sketch, an emoji, a tap, or even a heartbeat.

To send your heartbeat just press two fingers on the screen and hold them there. The heart rate sensor will register your heartbeat. Once you lift your fingers, the heartbeat will send.

To sketch something, just start drawing on the screen with your finger. You can even change the colour by tapping on the white circle in the upper right corner. The sketch will send once you stop for a couple of seconds.

To send an emoji, tap on the message icon, then on the smily face. You can scroll though all the different animated faces, and if you force touch the screen it will turn the face red. By swiping to the left you can also choose hearts, hand signals or your classic emoji’s.