‘Shuffle’ iOS App Launches in Canada: Create Disposable Phone Numbers, Emails

Shuffle is a new app that will likely find its way to your iPhone: packed inside a simple, easy-to-use interface, it allows users to create phone numbers they can use to receive or place calls, and preserve your privacy at the same time. Oh, and it works for emails as well (via TechCrunch).

Imagine a scenario when you place an ad and want to share contact details. You have two options: share your personal phone number or email address, or use a temporary number which you can drop anytime.


That’s when apps like Shuffle come into the picture. While it isn’t the only one on the market — it directly competes with Burner — it allows users to set a virtual phone number they can use right from the iPhone.

One of the advantages Shuffle offers over Burner is the support for email aliases. Secondly, Shuffle tweaked Burner’s pricing strategy: the newly launched app charges $1.99 for a single number per month, plus 1.5 cents per incoming calls per minute, outgoing calls cost 5 cents per minute and text 1.5 cents. Shuffle to shuffle calls are 1 cent per minute, while texting within the same Twilio-based Shuffle platform is free.

Shuffle is available as a free download on the App Store [download link].