Fido Increases Prices of Select Smart Plans for Bump in Minutes and Data

Fido has modified select nationwide Smart plans this afternoon, increasing the price of the $49, $55 and $99 plans, while adding some minutes and data.

Here are the changes to plans signed on a 2-year term:

  • Old: $49: 300 minutes, 400 MB data
  • New: $53, 500 minutes, 500 MB data (+$4, +200 minutes, +100 MB)
  • Old: $55: 500 minutes, 750 MB data
  • New: $58: 750 minutes, 750 MB data (+$3, +250 minutes)
  • Old: $99: Unlimited minutes, 5 GB data
  • New: $103: Unlimited minutes, 5 GB data ($+4)

The changes are highlighted below in pink:

Screenshot 2015 05 19 13 52 01

If you take a look at the updated $53 plan, for $4 you get 200 more minutes and 100 MB of data. Considering data overages are charged at $5/100MB, this may seem like a ‘deal’.

I can’t say the same for paying $3 for an extra 250 minutes in the new $58 plan, because nowadays ‘aint nobody got time’ to talk on the phone (only call me if you’re on fire). As for the $4 increase for the 5GB plan…well, that’s just a price increase with no extras.

A week ago, Fido introduced a promo $33/month plan that offered 250 minutes and 300 MB of data.

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