Fido Launches $33 Canada-Wide Plan with 300MB Data, 250 Minutes

This evening Fido has added a new $33 per month Smart plan which offers 250 Canada-wide daytime minutes and 300 MB of data ($5/100MB overages). The plan is not eligible for any subsidies on two-year terms and is available nationwide.

Screenshot 2015 05 12 18 59 36

Other changes made tonight include a bump of daytime minutes to Text & Talk Standard plans. The base $27/month BYOD plan now has 300 minutes (100 before); the $35 plan doubles to 500; and the $40 plan now has 750 minutes (from 500).

Screenshot 2015 05 12 19 10 01

Last night, Fido extended their $45/1GB Smart plan indefinitely by removing mention of a specific expiry date.

If you or someone you know happens to be on one of the Text & Talk Standard plans, make sure you call in and get your extra minutes!