Apple Watch Edition Models Begin Arriving For Pre-Order Customers


Customers who pre-ordered the 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition have started receiving their orders, reports 9to5Mac. As expected, the Apple Watch edition includes a unique leather box with a built-in charger.

The high-end Apple Watch also includes a cleaning cloth with “Edition” embossed on the material. Apple Watch Edition customers will also notice that the pairing screen is gold, which matches the colour of the casing.

The Apple Watch Edition is available in gold or rose gold and is priced between $13,000 (CAD) and $22,000 (CAD). Given the higher price tag, the delivery process for the Apple Watch Edition is different from the delivery process of Apple’s less expensive wearable devices.


Apple Watch Edition customers will receive an email asking them to set up a delivery time, reports MacRumours. Apple asks customers to schedule a time during the week that is the most convenient for them (as seen in the image above).

Have you received your Apple Watch yet? If so, which model did you order? Let us know in the comments below.