Twitter for iOS Launches Autoplay Feature for Videos

Twitter has announced today it has launched a new autoplay feature for its iOS app and the web, which means videos start playing when you scroll to them on your timeline. Sound is only enabled once you tap the video, which it will then play in an expanded view:

Once you tap the video, sound will turn on and the video will continue to play in an expanded view. If you turn the video to landscape mode, the sound will automatically turn on and the video will expand to fill the screen.

Users will have control of these autoplay settings to disable them, as Twitter says “If you’re somewhere with high data rates” (like Canada, right?), you can easily revert back to the old click-to-play or enable autoplay only when connected to Wi-Fi.

In an email, Twitter Canada tells us their research shows 74% of Twitter users in Canada access the social network via mobile. Canadians love Twitter.

Autoplay is rolling out today to Twitter for iOS and