Tim Hortons Launches ‘Ehmoji’ Canadian Keyboard in Time for Canada Day

Tim Hortons has launched a new iPhone keyboard today called Ehmoji, ahead of Canada Day, which allows users to send 12 Canadian-themed emoji. The company says “You already talk like a Canadian, so why not start texting like one?”

Ehmoji tim hortons

“As Canadians, we have a unique way of expressing ourselves, whether it’s our distinct cultural sayings or the activities that drive our passions from coast to coast,” says Peter Nowlan, Chief Marketing Officer, Tim Hortons. “We set out to create a set of emojis that personified our great country by capturing some of the things that make us unique and are recognized around the world, starting with the name of the keyboard itself, EHmojis – that says it all.”

In order to insert these Canadian-themed emojis, you need to tap and hold on them, copy, then paste it into your chat. It’s a bit tedious but it’s still awesome:

IMG 0370

You will need to enable full keyboard access, but Tim Hortons says your typing info is not stored.

Click here to download Ehmoji Canadian Keyboard in the App Store. You’ll want to get this to text your friends right away!