Should You Upgrade From The Dropcam Pro To The New Nest Cam [Video]

If you’re like me and already have the Dropcam Pro, you’re probably wondering if you should take the plunge and upgrade to the newly announced Nest Cam. Here are my thoughts on the topic.

YouTube video

So I want to make it clear, I’m not saying the Nest Cam is bad, or the Dropcam Pro is bad. Both are great WiFi security cameras. The big difference being the new Nest Cam will record in 1080p whereas the Dropcam Pro tops out at 720p.

Now I love 1080p video, but with these types of WiFi security cameras, you have to think about data consumption. Constantly uploading 1080p video can add up. Of course you don’t have to be uploading video 24 hours a day, but if you do have lower data caps on your home internet, you may want to think twice about upgrading.

Of course the Nest Cam does offer a few more enhanced features than the Dropcam Pro. The camera itself is slimmed down and now features a magnetic base that can also be easily mounted on a tripod.

The new Nest Cam also features 8 times digital zoom and better night vision thanks to 8 new infrared LED’s in the camera. The audio speaker and microphone are also improved so the sound should be a lot better.

So the new Nest Cam does have some nice enhanced features, but really, unless having 1080p video is a necessity, I don’t really feel the need to upgrade. Now if you don’t have a Dropcam Pro, or you can’t find one at a reduced price now that the Nest Cam has been unveiled, then go with the Nest Cam. It’s a great WiFi security camera.

Nest Cam – Amazon

Dropcam Pro – Amazon


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