Koodo Increases the Prices of Lightweight and Heavyweight Plans

TELUS’ ‘flanker’ brand Koodo Mobile relaunched itself in April with a new tagline of ‘Choose Happy’, while also introducing new plans and an updated website.

Unfortunately there’s nothing ‘happy’ about the latest round of price increases on Koodo’s Lightweight and Heavyweight plans.

Lightweight plans increased by $2/month across the board, while the same goes for Heavyweight plans.

Screenshot 2015 07 03 16 37 43

Screenshot 2015 07 03 16 37 50

For Tab Plus plans, the $80 and $95 plans got a $5 discount to sit at $75 and $90 respectively.

Screenshot 2015 07 03 16 37 56

I guess consider yourself lucky if you got in on these plans when they launched?

Thanks Muhammad