Rogers Promo: Save $200 Off 128GB iPhone 6 Plus on Month-to-Month Term

If you’re about to buy the iPhone 6 Plus outright, Rogers is offering $200 off the 128GB model if you opt for a month-to-month term. So you get the phone at $1029 versus the regular price of $1229.

BYOD Share Everything Plans are available starting at $55/month for 500MB of data and unlimited local calling.

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Here’s what the fine print says:

Offer available for a limited time and subject to change without notice. Available with purchase of an iPhone 6 Plus 128GB on any plan on a month-to-month term. Regular no-term price is $1229. Device cost after discount will be $1029.

There will be a $20 Connection Fee charge and the phone comes locked to Rogers (which costs $50 for the company to unlock it for you), so really in the end you’re ‘saving’ $130 versus buying unlocked directly from Apple.

With an expected iPhone refresh coming again this fall, it’s pretty late into the device’s life cycle to jump on this.