Apple’s Branding Benefits Yosemite National Park

Apple’s branding strategy has brought major benefits to Yosemite National Park, an article published in the Washington Post claims. But before you jump to hasty conclusions and start disputing the matter, here are some facts Greg Ferenstein builds his case on.

Mac OS X Yosemite.png

You may already know that Apple first announced OS X Yosemite in June last year. Ferenstein looked at Google searches for “Yosemite” for June 2014 after Apple’s announcement. What he noticed is a spike in searches after the keynote that kicked off last year’s WWDC and a huge jump in searches when OS X Yosemite officially hit the shelves.


But that’s just one part of the story. If you think Google searches were likely related to software installation, you may be right.

There is one more thing though: Interestingly, compared to the week before the launch last year, recorded a 21% jump in hotel searches around Yosemite National Park. No word about actual bookings, though.

Finally, Ferenstein points to the Wikipedia page about Yosemite National Park: Following the June announcement, traffic was noticeably up.
It’s hard to say how this influenced actual visits to the park. What the numbers – and Ferenstein – say, is that Yosemite had a strong year in 2014.

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