TELUS to Launch ‘US Easy Roam’ for $7 Per Day Starting Tomorrow

Back in May, speculation was rampant on the Howard Forums community TELUS was set to launch its own rival to the Rogers Roam Like Home service for customers visiting the USA.

Now, a leak of an internal document posted on the site (via MobileSyrup) has revealed TELUS ‘US Easy Roam’, set to launch July 16. The service will cost customers $7 per day and allow them to use their existing Canadian plan in the U.S.

Telus easy roam

The eligibility requirements according to the document state:

  • Available on consumer accounts only
  • HSPA devices only; does not apply to CDMA or Mike
  • Applicable to all consumer monthly rate plans with the exception of “North America plans”
  • Does not apply to prepaid
  • Easy Roam can be used on tablets if it has an eligible rate plan

As for how customers can add the feature? The doc states:

Customers need to add US Easy Roam to their account; it’s not automatically added. Customers can add Easy Roam by text or through their online account. Account owners with multiple subscribers need to add Easy Roam to every account in order for everyone to use it.

When customers arrive in the U.S., here’s how Easy Roam will work:

Once the customer has added Easy Roam, the fee is charged when they use their device in the U.S. to make or receive a call, send a text, or use data. The customer is only charged on days when they use their device in the U.S. US Easy Roam applies to the U.S. (including Alaska and Hawaii), Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands.

Rogers Roam Like Home launched last November for $5 per day for those on Share Everything Plans, with a maximum charge of 10 days on any monthly bill.

With Rogers, existing Share Everything Plan customers at the time of their announcement automatically were enrolled into Roam Like Home; new customers on Share Everything Plans need to text to opt-in, like TELUS US Easy Roam.

We’ll probably find out more tomorrow when this becomes official. It will be interesting to see how TELUS can justify charging $7 per month versus Rogers at $5. You can bet most features will be the same. All we need now is for Bell to join in on the fun.