Fido Adds $50 Tab24 300MB Pulse Plan, New 100MB Data Plan

Fido has updated its Pulse Plans with some new options that are “limited time offers”.

According to the update, there is now a 2-year contract option for the 300MB plan ($5/100MB overages) with 300 Canada-wide minutes, now available for $50 per month. This 2-year Tab24 agreement provides up to $350 in hardware subsidies.

Back in June, this 300MB/300 minutes plan received a bump of 50 extra minutes (matching Koodo and Virgin), while the Tab24 monthly option was unavailable until today.

Screenshot 2015 07 22 12 09 00

Meanwhile, on the lower end of the spectrum, there is now a 100MB ($10/100MB overages) plan that includes 200 Canada-wide minutes for $45 per month on Tab24 contracts, or $30 for BYOD users.

Screenshot 2015 07 22 12 09 08

Looks like these plans are targeting ‘light’ smartphone users who do not require a lot of data. But of course, data overages are more expensive at these lower tiers compared to higher monthly plans.