Toronto’s ‘Pollenize’ for iOS Announces Coverage of 2015 Federal Election

Pollenize is a non-partisan, non-profit organization founded in Toronto in 2014 by Miguel Barbosa and Trevor Blades. The platform’s goal is to provide accurate information to voters in an easy to digest format, which should help increase voter turnout and political discussion.

Today the organization has announced their 2015 Federal Election coverage will begin on August 24.

Pollenize canada

Available on iOS, Android and the web, Pollenize helps voters by organizing each party’s platforms in point-by-point format, to allow for informed decisions on voting day, as seen in the organization’s coverage of the 2014 Toronto mayoral election.



Blades said in a statement “Young people want to make a difference in their country’s political picture, but it’s confusing and difficult to get the information necessary to make an informed decision at the polls,” following with “Pollenize makes it easy to understand what each party stands for and helps people cast their vote with confidence.”

A recent Broadbent Institute study found one of the reasons why Canadians under 35 don’t vote is due to the fact they are uninformed about politics; Pollenize aims to be the tool for young voters to become educated on party agendas “without doing overwhelming research.”

The design is simple and effective, with information easily digestible, supported by eye-appealing visuals. This is definitely an app worth checking out to stay informed ahead of October’s federal election.

Click here to download Pollenize for iOS in the App Store.