City of Toronto Says Shared Parking App ‘Rover’ for iPhone Violates Bylaws

Rover for iPhone helps drivers find unused parking spots in Toronto, posted by owners with spaces available. Essentially, it app is similar to Uber but for parking, says co-founder Tim Wootton, speaking to The Globe and Mail.


But it now looks like the app, launched in the App Store earlier this month, is now under fire from the City of Toronto. According to Klaus Lehmann, who works for the city’s zoning bylaws, “It’s not legal. So I don’t think we could enter a discussion about it,” after admitting the Rover team had contacted the city about collaborating.

Lehmann explained although homeowners without cars can rent out garages for parking, filling a driveway or similar space would be considered a commercial parking lot, with homeowners possibly facing a $5,000 fine if complaints are received:

“It’s creative, but unfortunately I think the situation is one where the developer isn’t the one who ultimately will take the brunt of the charge, or the fine being levied against them if they’re caught,” he said. “For them, it’s a very limited risk. But the homeowner is taking all the risk.”

Wooden believes with Rover “We’re just really looking for the help of the people who have spots and want to share them and want to make a few bucks, and make it easier for the people who are driving into Toronto.”

Rover caps its pricing at $2 per hour to compete with street parking and city lots. The app takes a 30 percent cut, which is evenly split between the developers and homeowners.

Below is how Rover works, as the developers say “finding parking has never been easier,” as it only take “3 taps and done”:

Rover parking

The developers note after a two month test in Toronto, they hope to expand the shared parking service across Canada.

Click here to download Rover for iPhone in the App Store. Anyone using this?