First iPhone 6s Pre-Orders Shipping: Find UPS Tracking Here

Just the other day we told you iPhone 6s pre-orders in Canada started to move into the next ‘Preparing for Shipment’ phase, and now we’re seeing some orders starting to make their way over from Asia.

iPhone in Canada reader Mohammed shared with us his iPhone 6s tracking details, which note his pre-order has left Shenzhen, China, and is slowly making its way to North America.

Iphone 6s shipping

Now here’s a new trick you may not know about to get your tracking number from UPS. For those registered accounts via the company’s (free) My Choice service, it details tracking numbers, plus shipping arrival dates and times, usually before companies even notify you, since your address is in the system. In Mohammed’s case, he was able to track his iPhone 6s pre-order before Apple has even sent him the tracking number.

We similarly have a UPS My Choice account, which is convenient if you’re a serial online shopper. With your address on file, UPS matches deliveries set to arrive at your destination. As you can see below we had quite a few Amazon Prime packages delivered lately (if you’re curious, nothing very exciting: just diapers and some other secret items):

Screenshot 2015 09 19 20 59 12

If you don’t have a UPS My Choice account, you can still try identifying your iPhone 6s tracking number by using the traditional method of tracking a package by reference. In this case, your cellphone number associated with your iPhone 6s order.

Our order still is still in the “Processing Items” stage, so nothing shows up. But you can try this method with your “Preparing for Shipment” order, and let us know if anything shows up.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to, click on the TRACKING tab:

Screenshot 2015 09 19 21 02 06

2. Click on track a package by REFERENCE. Enter in your phone number (no dashes). Enter the shipment date range to include 9/25/2015. For destination country, it should be Canada (not Afghanistan, silly). Click ‘Track’ and see what happens:

Screenshot 2015 09 19 21 31 43

This method usually works if your item is in the ‘Preparing for Shipment’ phase or has shipped but a company has not emailed you a tracking number.

Again, if your estimated iPhone 6s delivery date shows ‘Delivers 25/9 to 29/9’, and you live in a Zone 1 delivery area, you should receive your order on the September 25 launch day, unless there’s a UPS delay. Apple says to check out this link to find your estimated arrival date.

Let us know if you’re able to find out your tracking number. Has your iPhone 6s shipped yet?