TELUS Increasing SIM Card Prices to $15, Starting Oct. 5

It appears the cost of a SIM card is going up at TELUS, as prices will soon increase $5 to $15 starting next week on October 5 (via MobileSyrup). A TELUS store we spoke with on the phone confirmed prices are indeed moving up to $15 next week.

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Rogers and Bell charge $10 for SIM cards, but they also charge activation fees ($20 and $15 respectively) whereas TELUS does not. TELUS’ flanker brand Koodo still charges $10 for a SIM card, while recently acquired Public Mobile offers SIM cards for free.

If you’re looking for a cheaper SIM card, you can always try Craigslist or eBay to save a few bucks. Or visit an Apple Store and get one for free if you’re signing up there.