Jony Ive Discusses Memories of Steve Jobs, Calls New Jobs Biopic a ‘Heartbreaking Hijacking’

Jony Ive sat down with director JJ Abrams and film producer Brian Grazer in a panel, called “Changing Worlds, Inventing Worlds,” at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit today.

During the talk, Ive spoke about his lasting memory of Steve Jobs, his reaction about the new Steve Jobs biopic, and his new role as Chief Design Officer. Ive said he had messy feelings about Jobs when he died and knew of the if the “incredible complexity” of his attributes.

Over the past four years Ive said that most of those attributes have been reduced. Since then, Ive believes that he’s been left with something that is “just him.”

According to Ive, that simplicity stands in “stark contrast” to the way Jobs is being portrayed in the films like the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic. He notes that Jobs has a sense of civic responsibility to make something good that contributed to culture and humanity.

When asked about Jobs’ portrayal in ‘Steve Jobs’, Ive noted that he “didn’t recognize this person at all.” He went on to say that the way someone is portrayed can be “hijacked” by people who aren’t close to friends or family. Ive said:

“There are sons, daughters, and widows who are incredibly upset. Again, we are celebrating Steve’s life, and at the same time, we are [seeing] the incredibly choreographed release of a film about him, and I don’t recognize that man at all. It’s heartbreaking. I’m sorry to sound grumpy, but it’s sad.”

Ive also commented on his new role as Chief Design Officer, saying that he “should have done this years ago” and that he hasn’t felt “this happy and creative in years.”