AgileBits Announces 1Password for Teams


Today, AgileBits announced the launch of the public beta of 1Password for Teams: the comfort of the 1Password app in a team environment.

At the centre of 1Password for Teams is the Admin Console, where administrators can manage their teams, vaults, and items. Also, it packs a handful of features, such as effortless invitations for team members. Admins can both share and revoke vaults — which, by the way, will appear automatically on all devices without the need to configure syncing.

1Password for Teams also gives more control to admins by allowing them to create read-only vaults and allowing team members to log into sites without seeing the passwords. Also, admins can even recover account access for teammates.

Since 1Password for Teams is currently a beta, it is free for all users who sign up. At the end of the beta period, however, there will be a $4,99 per user monthly subscription.

By reserving your 1Password for Teams app, you will get not just a web app but also native apps for iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android.