Eddy Cue Talks Enterprise and iPad at Dropbox Conference


Apple SVP of software and services Eddy Cue appeared at the Dropbox Open Conference to talk about topics such as enterprise and the iPad. (via Fortune)

As Cue points out, Apple is a consumer company, but its products have naturally filtered into the enterprise market due to their popularity. This way, Apple’s target market evolved naturally. Cue mentioned the iPad as an example: When the company launched the tablet, not only consumers were acquiring the iPad, but also executives and top corporate managers. The result: “board meetings changed”, and execs went digital with the iPad.

The process was natural. In Cue’s words: Things “important to the consumer” are “important to enterprise.”

While analysts believe Apple still has a long way to go to become a big player in the enterprise market, Cue believes the opposite: It’s businesses who are in the early stages of adopting mobile technology. “That’s an area Apple can capitalize on,” he insisted, reports Fortune.

Cue also spoke about the early days when the company was as the verge of bankruptcy and how Steve Jobs’ return saved the company. He highlighted the importance of a strong CEO: After his return to Apple, the company grew to become to the most valuable tech company.

But Cue still believes that even though Apple is much bigger than ever before, it has a lot more room to grow: “We got a lot more way to go,” he said.

Image credit: Todd Jackson