No, Apple Did Not Accidentally Leak a New MacBook on ’60 Minutes’

Apple last night shared some exclusive details on how it operates with CBS’ 60 Minutes, and one scene featured in the background what TechInsider speculated was an unannounced MacBook, because it looked unlike any computer currently available from the company.

The scene where the ‘mysterious’ notebook can be seen is at 3:10 of this clip, seen in the background behind the company’s general counsel, Bruce Sewell. As you can see in the screenshot below, the bokeh in the shot makes it difficult to determine which MacBook it really is.

Screen shot 2015 12 21 at 10 11 01 am

So did Apple accidentally leak a new MacBook? Of course not! An Apple spokesperson responded to TechInsider to say the computer in the scene is the 12-inch Retina MacBook, which the company first announced back in March.

So there you have have it—nothing was leaked by Apple. CEO Tim Cook told interviewer Charlie Rose last night “One of the great things about Apple is we probably have more secrecy here than the CIA.” Did anyone actually believe Apple would be careless enough to leak a new MacBook on TV? Oh, the Internet…