YouTube to Bring Support for HDR Video

Robery Kyncl, YouTube’s chief business officer, has announced that the company is going to bring support for HDR or high dynamic range video. HDR video, similar to the HDR mode on smartphone cameras which combine multiple exposures into a single frame, brings out better colour and detail making it much more vivid than regular video (via Mashable).

Yt hdr

To view HDR video however, you need a display that supports HDR to see the full benefits of it. Fortunately, majority of TV manufacturers have announced support for the technology in their new models. Newer video playback devices like Ultra HD Blu-ray players also support HDR video.

YouTube made the announcement during a keynote that focused mainly on virtual reality and 360-degree video. Kyncl highlighted the company’s efforts in this area, including the VRSE project promoted by the New York Times, which delivered over a million Google Cardboard VR viewers to its subscribers.

Currently, Netflix and Amazon both support HDR video.