BMW Uses Apple Watch for their i3 Self-Parking Demo at CES [VIDEO]

Automated parking and driving is the future, right? Soon we’ll be able to just sit in a car and surf Twitter and the Facebooks while our Skynet machines do all the heavy lifting, am I right?

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At CES 2016, as part of the BMW i3 self parking demo, the automaker utilized an Apple Watch and a series of gestures to get the vehicle to park itself. The video below filmed by BMW Blog details how various sweeping gestures can get the car to back out or drive into a parking spot.

YouTube video

But it wasn’t all successful. According to The Telegraph, after one successful demo, a second attempt with a car full of journalists resulted in nothing happening, and eventually a failed demo as the BMW rep had to give up.

Can you imagine having this feature on your BMW, then getting into a shouting match in a parking lot, and suddenly having your car back out of its parking spot? That would be so cool (of course there would be safeguards, but just sayin’).

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