Dolby Launches ‘Narrate’ Voice-Over iOS App First in Canada

Dolby Labs in San Francisco has launched a new easy to use high quality voice-over app for iOS users called Narrate, available exclusively first in Canada.

Narrate has a simple interface and makes it very easy to add a voice-over. All you have to do is select a video from your iOS library, narrate and then save or share your story. You have the option to merge your voice-over with the existing background track, to make it sound more natural, or you can have the original audio removed altogether.

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Nikhil Parijaat, Manager of E-Media Technologies at Dolby, explained to iPhone in Canada the app uses “some industry leading audio mixing technologies together with very simple and easy to use UI, which can make videos funnier, more compelling, and more personal.”

Dolby explains the inspiration behind Narrate is based on the current explosive growth of user generated content, by regular consumers. So with this in mind, they wanted “to equip these people with the same tools professionals have but without the complication.”

Engineers at Dolby added “industry leading audio mixing technologies which work to dynamically and elegantly weave your narration with your original audio” into Narrate, which also features high quality capture technology to remove background noise, thus resulting in narration sounding crisp and clear.

Below is a video demo of how easy it is to use Narrate:

YouTube video

I can see Narrate being handy as a way to easily add a voice-over before uploading a video straight to YouTube from your iOS device. This one looks worth trying out!

Click here to download Narrate for iOS in the Canadian App Store. Let us know how you like it.

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