Fido BYOD Promo: $53 Gets 1GB, 300 Canada-Wide Mins, 5pm Evenings

If you’re about to switch to Fido with your unlocked smartphone, the company launched a new promo plan on Friday for new customers, offering 300 Canada-wide daytime minutes, 5pm evenings and weekends, plus 1GB of data ($5/250MB overages).

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The plan also includes unlimited international SMS/MMS, call display, voicemail (limited to 3 messages), Canada-wide Circle Calling and for those looking to sign a contract, it qualifies for free Spotify.

Screenshot 2016 02 13 23 03 00

The price of this plan is $7 below the $60/1GB plan, but the latter includes unlimited Canada-wide minutes.

Fido’s fine print says this $53 promo is “Available to customers who bring in an unlocked phone with new activation of Fido service.” So it doesn’t look like existing customers can call in and jump on this.