Koodo $45 Promo: 1GB Data, 200 Mins, 5PM Evenings [Ontario Only]

If you’re a Koodo customer in Ontario, the company has launched a new promo plan priced at $45 which includes the following, for Tab or BYOD customers:

  • 1GB of data ($5/250MB overages)
  • 200 local minutes ($0.50/min overages)
  • Unlimited 5PM evenings and weekends
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS
  • Call display, voicemail, call waiting, conference calling and unlimited Canada-wide family calling

Screenshot 2016 02 25 11 49 50Screenshot 2016 02 25 11 49 55

This offer may be warm for those not using a lot of data or minutes every month. The daytime minutes would have been better if they were listed as Canada-wide instead of local minutes. But then again, who talks on the phone anymore (don’t call me unless you’re on fire)?

Let us know if you’re going to jump on this.

Update: To nobody’s surprise, Virgin has also launched this offer, too (thanks Mobile212).

[via RFD]