Koodo Doubles Referral Credit to $50 Each Until March 31st

Koodo Mobile has launched a promotion for the month of March, where their referral program has doubled from $25 to $50 each. This means if you refer a friend or family member to Koodo, you’ll get a $50 bill credit and so will the person you refer.

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The fine print says you can refer as many people as you want (of course), but Koodo has limited the maximum credits to $300 per calendar year.

To refer a friend, you’ll need to sign up for the referral system, which notes down your name and Koodo number. When your friends want to sign up with your referral, all they have to do is visit the referral website first, before they activate service with Koodo. When friends activate a postpaid rate plan, they need to log back into the referral system and enter their new Koodo number to complete the process.

This promotional referral bonus of $50 per sign up is much more than what WIND Mobile’s program offers at $10, and the $25 credits offered by TELUS, Rogers and Fido.

If you can refer up to six friends, that means $300 worth of bill credits coming your way, which can be applied towards anything. Koodo says referral credits are usually applied in 4 weeks or less after a new customer activates service.

[via RFD]