Uber Continues to Operate in Sherwood Park Despite Suspension in Edmonton


Even though ride-sharing service Uber has been suspended in Edmonton, they are still providing service in surrounding municipalities, including Sherwood Park.

On Tuesday, Uber noted that provincially-approved insurance for ride-sharing drivers would not be available until June or July. Uber drivers would also be required to have Class 4 professional driver’s licences, which are the same licences held by traditional taxi drivers.

In a statement, Uber Canada spokesperson Jean-Christophe de Le Rue said that only Edmonton and Calgary have regulated ride-sharing restrictions, so the company can still freely operate in surrounding municipalities:

“As we have seen from various court rulings in Canada, Uber is a new business model distinct from the traditional taxi industry, and existing taxi bylaws don’t apply.”

On Tuesday, Alberta Transportation Minister Brian Mason said that he was surprised that Uber was still operating in these municipalities outside Edmonton’s city limits.

“That concerns me a great deal… That doesn’t show the corporate responsibility I would expect.”

Sherwood Park enforces a taxi bylaw, however Uber falls outside of these regulations. Despite the latest controversy surrounding Uber, Sherwood Park is not the only municipality where Uber continues to operate. Even though Uber has decided to temporarily suspend services in Edmonton, the bylaws are only applicable within the city limits and do not apply to other counties or municipalities outside Edmonton city limits.

[via Sherwood Park News]