Which Country is Cheapest to Buy an Apple Product? This Website Tells You [u]

Are you looking for the best deal on your Apple product? You may save money by buying it elsewhere other than Canada. The following website AppleCompass.com will tell you exactly where to buy your Apple product for the cheapest price, but of course it will involve traveling. Regardless, this tool is fun to see where one could theoretically pick up a product for cheaper.

All you have to do is enter in where you live by selecting from the drop-down menus and selecting your Apple product.


Once that’s done, you’ll get an easy to digest result, like the one below I got for a 9.7-inch iPad Pro 32GB Wi-Fi model:

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The website was created by Robin Spiegel from Rotterdam, in the Netherlands., who explains he “learned to code in the last months and this is my first personal project. Hope you guys find it useful.”

Update: Robin emailed us the following backstory on his inspiration for creating the site:

The idea is one that I came up with last November, when I was planning a trip to Japan and a friend asked me to bring an Apple Watch for him, as its so much cheaper there. He told me he’d been comparing all countries’ Apple prices and was waiting for one of his friend to go to one of the cheapest countries on his list. It took him quite a lot of work and, as an Apple fan myself as well, I decided this was THE issue for me to tackle as a first real project with my newly learned skills. It took me a few months more to figure out what kind of technology I would need to have in order to have it behave the way I’d want it to.

Prices come directly from the Apple Store online and are updated automatically, while final prices also take taxes into consideration.

If you’ve always wondered how much an Apple product costs somewhere else in the world, this tool makes it really easy to find out the differences. Click here to give it a try—in the meantime, I’m off to Montana.