Walmart: Koodo iPhone 5s for $0 on Contract, Plus $225 Gift Card

While we all know Koodo and other carriers are offering Apple’s entry 16GB iPhone 5s for $0 on contract, Walmart is sweetening the deal with select stores offering a $225 gift card with new activations in-store, according to RFD.

The deal can get even sweeter, according to crafty RFD users. If you sign up via a referral, you can take advantage of the $50 referral credit promo (normally $25), which goes until March 31.

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While a $50 per month plan is required (some were able to sign up on a $25 plan), users note after the first billing period, you can do self-serve online to switch to a $15/month “seasonal hold” plan (it will suspend your service).

Then, if for some reason you decide to cancel after 90 days, the net cost for the phone will be $188 in Ontario after tax, plus $35 if you want to unlock the iPhone 5s.

The math works out to:

$360 (iPhone 5s Tab) + $5 (SIM card fee) + $45 ($15 x 3 months Tab charge) + $35 (unlocking fee) = $445 + tax (13% HST in ON) = $502.85

$502.85 – $225 (gift card) – $50 (referral credit) = $227.85 for an unlocked 16GB iPhone 5s (after cancelling on day 91 and when you implemented the seasonal plan), which is pretty darn cheap.

The local store we spoke with confirmed the $225 gift card, but noted it was only available on the weekend only and now stands at $100 (Virgin too). However, RFD users are noting select locations have extended the $225 gift card offer. If you’re going to be deal hunting, this may take some work but could be worth it if you want an iPhone 5s for ‘cheap’.