Uber Suffers as Toronto City Hall Committee Votes Against Legislation


The war between Toronto’s taxi industry and Uber is raging on after last week’s Licensing and Standards Committee meeting. City Councillors voted 5 to 1 late Friday night on a bunch of taxi-related changes, yet got rid of many that would help legalize UberX on Toronto streets.

About 100 people spoke at the two-day-long marathon of a meeting. While Uber Canada didn’t show up, the company sent in a response to the proposed new by-laws on Friday prior to the vote. Uber Canada questioned many of the new rules, as the Globe writes, including those in relation to the age of its drivers’ vehicles as well as the city’s proposed driver-related fees.

In a blog post today, Uber reiterated the downfalls of Toronto losing ride-sharing services:

– Hundreds of thousands of Torontonians that rely on ridesharing each and every day will lose a safe, reliable option to get home.

– Over fifteen thousand driver partners will lose the ability to make income on their own schedule.

– Toronto would become the largest city in North America to not have ridesharing.

– The accessibility community and older adults will be denied access to a reliable and affordable transportation option with uberWAV and uberASSIST.

– Hundreds of restaurants that have been surviving and thriving with UberEATS will lose a means to keep growing their small businesses.

– Torontonians would lose the option to share their rides with uberPOOL that helps reduce congestion in our city.

If you live in Toronto and you want to make sure ride-sharing services stay in the city, please contact your city councillor and share your story about what Uber means to you.