Rogers Releases 2015 Transparency Report

Last year, law enforcement agencies were less interested in Rogers’ customer data, according to the carrier’s third annual Transparency Report. As it turns out, there were about 27,000 fewer requests year-over-year, although the press release notes that this fluctuation was mostly due to external factors such as the number of investigations that need to be conducted by law enforcement agencies.

Rogers transparency report 2015

The third annual report breaks down the number of times Rogers disclosed information, refused to provide information, and didn’t provide any data. The carrier also notes that it successfully fought a request in court that involved the data of more than 30,000 people, which they considered too broad a request.

So how many requests did Rogers have last year? According to the Transparency Report, the total was 86,328 in 2015, with which the carrier complied in 83,871 cases, rejecting 2,457. The total compares to the 113,655 requests Rogers had in 2014.

Of last year’s requests 74,977 were with warrant, of which Rogers disclosed data for 74,378, up from 71,501 from the previous year. Government requirement letters were 2,284, slightly down from last year’s 2,315.

We take active steps to safeguard our customers’ information and defend their privacy rights. As we mentioned in last year’s report, we now require a Court Order/Warrant (or equivalent) to process customer name and address checks and child sexual exploitation assistance requests, unless there is an immediate risk as outlined in the Criminal Code. As a result, both of those categories are at zero for 2015, and those types of requests are now reflected under other categories, the Rogers press release states.

You can access the full report by visiting Rogers’ dedicated microsite.

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