Virgin Mobile Launches “Roam Sweet Roam” US Roaming for $5/Day

Virgin mobile roaming

Virgin Mobile has launched “Roam Sweet Roam,” a service that matches Fido’s U.S. roaming offer. Those traveling in the US can roam for $5 per day, while roaming in other international destinations will cost you $10 per day.

For $5 per day, Virgin Mobile customers can travel to the US, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands without buying a SIM card from a local carrier, because they get unlimited talk and text and 100 MB data a day. Virgin Mobile says it will also offer LTE coverage in the aforementioned destinations.

Those choosing other international destinations such as Argentina, Australia, Austria, Europe, etc. (the list is very long) have the $10 per day option, which gives them unlimited talk and text and 100 MB of data per day. LTE coverage is available in most countries. For those who don’t see their destinations listed (check it out on the dedicated microsite), there is the Travel Pass service.

To enrol in Roam Sweet Roam, Virgin Mobile customers will need to text “ROAM” to 4800. Like with other similar services, there is a monthly cap: customers will be charged for a maximum of 20 days per line in the US and international destinations within the same billing period. The rest is on Virgin Mobile — in case your vacation is longer than 20 days.

Also, it is worth adding that if you happen to use up your 100 MB data, you can get another 100 MB for $5 or $10 (internationally).

Will you enrol?