Koodo Promo: $40 Unlimited Canada-Wide with 2GB Data, Quebec-Only

If you’re a Koodo customer in Quebec, a new promo plan has popped up just for you. Right now, you can get an unlimited Canada-wide calling plan, with 2GB of data and all the regular extras for $40 per month. Data overages are charged at $5/250MB.

Koodo quebec $40 2gb

Last month we saw Koodo offer a $32 unlimited Canada-wide calling plan with 500MB for Quebec, but for $8 more you’re getting 1.5GB more data, so this seems to be a better deal.

If you’re on an existing Koodo customer, call in and switch to this plan while it’s still available. Virgin and Fido will probably match this in 3…2…1…

It looks like some of these deals may be popping up early in anticipation of ‘back to school’ (even though school isn’t even out yet). Fido yesterday launched a promo offering double the data on 500MB and 1GB plans.

[via RFD]