Apple Shares 8 New ‘Shot on iPhone’ Ads [VIDEOS]

Apple has aired eight new Shot on iPhone ads on its YouTube channel, sharing a series of 15-second clips of video footage filmed by customers around the globe. Most clips utilize slow-mo effects and show off the video capabilities of the iPhone’s camera.

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Check them out below:

George B. – Los Angeles, CA

Nicolas D. – Pleneau Bay, Antarctica

Polo S. – Selfkant, Germany

Craig J. – Kasane, Botswana

Keiran W. – Airplane flight between Miami and Curaçao

Mitchell H. – Janeiro, Brazil

Mirabai M. – Byron Bay, Australia

John L. – Sepang, Malaysia

Earlier this year, Apple ran a worldwide ‘Shot on iPhone 6s’ billboard campaign, which featured this Montrealer. Last month for Mother’s Day, Apple created a website allowing customers to create their own “Shot on iPhone” video, emulating the company’s recent ad style.

Keep an eye out for these clips to make their way into Apple’s sponsored post campaigns on Instagram, like some of their previous 15-second ads.