How To: Download Pokemon Go for iOS in Canada [u]

Yesterday, Nintendo’s highly anticipated mobile game Pokémon Go launched worldwide in select markets such as New Zealand, Australia and the U.S., but Canada was excluded.

Most likely, the game will hit Canada in a couple weeks, similar to the timeline Mittomo took to get here (that app was a snooze).

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Want to learn how to download Pokémon Go in Canada right now?

Many of you probably know how to access the U.S. App Store already, so this is old news to you. But for those who don’t know, it’s fairly simple, as all you need to do is create a simple U.S. iTunes account so you can access the U.S. App Store and get the game. You don’t need a credit card, but will require a U.S. address (use a relative/friend’s address or get ‘creative’).

We’ve gone over the process of how to download an app from the U.S. App Store—click here to follow the instructions with step-by-step pictures–or check them out below (updated with pictures):

  1. Click bottom right corner to change countries–choose USA:

2. Find a free app to download and click “GET”. It must be a free app.

3. This will prompt you to sign-in to iTunes, but don’t do that. Click on “Create New Apple ID”:

4. After filling in your details, you’ll get to the payment method screen, where you will click on “None”:

Once you’ve done this, just log in to the App Store with your new U.S. Apple ID on your iOS device, search for Pokémon Go, then download and install it. Voila! You can then use this U.S. account to download any apps that aren’t available in Canada.

There are caveats, though. Getting app updates means you need to sign into the U.S. Apple ID on your devices, which is a pain. Once any U.S.-exclusive app reaches Canada, I’ll usually delete it and re-download it from my Canadian account, so I can get updates without switching accounts.

Let us know if this works for you and how you’re liking the game!