Canadian Art & Cultural Sites Embrace Pokemon Go Players


According to a new report from Global News, Canadian art and cultural sites have been embracing Pokemon Go. For example, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights has been a popular place for players.

Maureen Fitzhenry, a spokesperson from the Winnipeg museum, has been welcoming Pokemon Go players to come visit and explore the museum. In a statement, she said:

“Maybe if people are coming in to play Pokemon they may also then be able to check out our own mobile app and maybe connect with some of our educational moments and inspiring moments as well. But we really do hope and think that everyone will be respectful in the areas of the museum that house sensitive subject matter and where a respectful demeanour is appropriate.”

In Ottawa, Beechwood Cemetery’s Roger Boult said that Pokemon Go players have been very respectful of the grounds. Boult said that as long as players remain respectful, he has no problem with Pokemon fans wandering the grounds. In a statement, he said:

“We have a mausoleum, we have a chapel, but it’s open to the public. If there are Pokemon in there, that’s OK. Come in and have a look.”

The augmented reality game, which overlays images of Pokemon characters over real life objects, has become a worldwide sensation in less than a week.

Pokemon Go is now available in the Canadian App Store as a free download. The game requires any device running iOS 8.0 or later and contains in-app purchases that range between $1.39 and $139.99.