PCMag’s 2016 Fastest Mobile Networks Canada Testing Kicks Off

For the fourth year in a row, PCMag will be testing the wireless performance of our networks in Canada, again on the ground, from coast-to-coast:

In the fourth annual Fastest Mobile Networks Canada tests, running from now through Aug. 16, we’re testing eight wireless carriers in nine provinces to see how LTE competition is bubbling across the Canadian landscape, and whether Canadian wireless customers are getting what they’re paying for. (Given Canada’s notoriously high wireless rates, that better be a lot.)

Two cars will be on the road to do tests and all major metro areas will be tested, including smaller cities. This year, Saskatchewan and PEI will be added to the tests, to see how SaskTel and Eastlink perform versus incumbents.

Below is their rough schedule of when and where they’ll be:

  • Southern Ontario and Quebec: July 26-August 3
  • Halifax and Winnipeg: August 3-5
  • NB, SK, PEI: August 6-9
  • Alberta and BC: August 11-15

PCMag crowned Bell as Canada’s fastest mobile network last year, slightly outperforming rivals Rogers and TELUS. Since PCMag does on-the-ground testing instead of relying on crowdsourcing like other firms, they note their tests “are truly the gold standard.”