Display Technology Shoot-Out: iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 6

The folks over at DisplayMate Technologies have just published their latest display technology shootout, comparing the new iPhone 7 with the iPhone 6, and it appears the latest iPhones have the “best LCD display” they have ever tested. “The iPhone 7 display is a truly impressive major enhancement and advancement on the iPhone 6 display… and even every other mobile LCD display that we have ever tested”, the experts said.


To compare the performance of the two iPhone displays, DisplayMate ran their in-depth series of Mobile Display Technology Shoot-Out Lab tests and measurements in order to determine how these latest LCD displays have improved. “We take display quality very seriously and provide in-depth objective analysis based on detailed laboratory tests and measurements and extensive viewing tests with both test patterns, test images and test photos.” 

The results show the iPhone 7 achieving the highest color accuracy, peak brightness, and contrast rating in bright light of any smartphone display, the highest contrast ratio of any IPS LCD display, and the lowest screen reflectance of any smartphone display. 

Below are the most interesting display enhancements and improvements on the iPhone 7:

  • The iPhone 7 has Two Standard Color Gamuts, the new DCI-P3 Wide Color Gamut that is used in 4K UHD TVs and Digital Cinema, and also the traditional smaller sRGB / Rec.709 Color Gamut that is used for producing most existing consumer content for digital cameras, TVs, the internet, and computers, including photos, videos, and movies. What’s more, on the iPhone 7 both Color Gamuts have been implemented with Absolute Color Accuracy that is Visually Indistinguishable from Perfect. That’s impressive… Plus only three manufacturers currently have the new wider DCI-P3 Color Gamut on their Smartphones or Tablets, so it is a major competitive advantage. Other manufacturers will need to play catch-up fast…
  • The iPhone 7 produces up to an impressive Peak Brightness of 705 nits when Automatic Brightness is turned On in High Ambient Light, where high Brightness is really needed.
  • The iPhone 7 has a record high Contrast Ratio for IPS LCD displays.
  • The iPhone 7 has a record low screen Reflectance for Smartphones.
  • Given the exceptional performance of the iPhone 7 LCD display, there will be many consumers, journalists, reviewers, and even manufacturers wondering if Apple will actually be switching to OLED iPhone displays in 2017, as has been widely reported. 

To read more about DisplayMate’s comprehensive display tests, measurements and analysis, hit up the source link.

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