Koodo Mobile Promo Doubles Refer-a-Friend Credit to $50 Until Nov. 20

Just like they did back in March, Koodo Mobile has launched a promo on their Refer-a-Friend program, doubling the bill credits received from $25 to $50 each. So for every friend or family member you refer to Koodo, you’ll each get a $50 bill credit.

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Existing customers need to sign up for the company’s referral program, which records your name and number. When you want to refer friends, you direct them to the referral website first, before they register with Koodo Mobile.

Koodo says you can acquire a credit limit of $300 per calendar year, per subscriber. If you have another line on your account, you can register that number too, and get $600 combined. Credits are applied in 4 weeks or less after your referral activates service with Koodo.

The new double credits offer launches today and goes until November 20, 2016.