Fido My Account for iPhone Now Supports Facebook Logins [u]

This summer, Fido added the option to login to My Account on the web with Facebook, and now that ability has been extended to its iPhone app.


As for why Fido users should use Facebook to login? Here’s how Fido explains it:

It’s simple, convenient, and it makes life easier. It’s available to all login types (phone number, group ID, email), customer types (monthly and prepaid), as well as to the account holder and subscribers. Easier access for everyone!

As you can see below, there’s an option to log in with Facebook. Once you login with Facebook it’ll ask you to link it to your Fido account:

IMG 0408 IMG 0409

Of course, once you log in as well, the app will tell you it’s broken—surprise! One just needs to take a look at the high number of 1-star ratings for this app in iTunes. Looks like Rogers needs to focus on making these iPhone apps actually work properly for customers.

IMG 0411

Update Oct. 18, 2016: a Fido spokesperson emailed us to mention the login bug has been fixed.

Click here to download Fido My Account for iPhone in the App Store.