Rogers Gifting “Loyal” Customers Extra 3GB Data Per Month via Text

Some Rogers customers are receiving text messages from the company offering bonus data of 3GB extra per month for their Share Everything plan, at no additional charge, for 12 months. The text message reads:

Great news! Get 3 extra GB of data/mo. for your Share Everything plan at no extra cost as our thanks for being a loyal customer. Replay YES within 5 days to receive this gift. Enjoy this gift effective 05/12/2016, valid only for ____ on your current plan until your next device upgrade for a maximum of 12 months (non-transferrable). Usage exceeding allowance charged at applicable rates as per your plan. Don’t forget to monitor usage on MyROGERS app or You’ll receive a confirmation when it’s available.

Rogers 3gb offer

This text message was received yesterday by iPhone in Canada reader @Nascarehh yesterday.

We’ve seen Rogers’ flanker brand Fido also send out free bonus data to customers in the past, so it’s not out of the ordinary. The move essentially ensures customers stay put with the company, instead of jumping ship to something like Public Mobile’s $38/4GB promo plan (expires Nov. 20).

Anyone else get one of these?