Nintendo iOS Emulator ‘Delta’ Coming from Former GBA4iOS Creator

iOS developer Riley Testut from Dallas, Texas, the creator of now defunct iOS emulator GBA4iOS, has teased a new version coming in soon, called Delta.

Delta ios

His website now teases ‘Delta’ is coming in 2017, with a beta set to hit in December 2016. The website shows images of an SNES controller, GameBoy Color, Nintendo 64 controller and GameBoy Advance, suggesting an iOS emulator to support games from those platforms.

GB4iOS made headlines in the spring of 2014, as it allowed iOS users to play Nintendo ROMs on their devices without a jailbreak. Nintendo, as expected, sent a DMCA Notice requesting his site and app to be shut down. It is unknown as to how ‘Delta’ will avoid similar fate to GBA4iOS.

Given Nintendo’s new working relationship with Apple, we would suspect ‘Delta’ would also face similar scrutiny as GBA4iOS did.

According to early beta testers of Delta, they note “I’ve seen an early version of it and I can legitimately say it’s going to be amazing!” Others have said “Riley showed me an early build months ago at WWDC and let me tell you… y’all are gonna be amazed.”

Many Nintendo fans are anticipating the December 15 launch of Super Mario Run for iPhone and iPad. With Apple TV fourth generation supporting apps, many are still waiting for tvOS Nintendo games to be released.